Florida Certified Adjuster Designation

Become a Licensed All-Lines Florida Claims Adjuster without the state exam. The 40 hour Florida Certified Adjuster Designation program offered through All-Lines Training is recognized by Florida Statute 626.221.2 (k) as an approved adjuster designation exempting graduates from the state exam requirement.. Once completed, you will simply submit your online application to the Florida Department of Financial Services. No further testing, no extra study materials, no additional coursework. Once your application has been submitted, you can expect to be a licensed Florida adjuster within a few weeks. Why Get Licensed Now?

Rather stay at home? AdjusterPro & All-Lines Training now offer the Florida Certified Adjuster Course Online!

Licensing Course Contents

AdjusterPro & All-Lines Training have teamed up to treat you to an unsurpassed educational experience. Not only will you pass the course with flying colors, you will also gain a practical working knowledge of claims adjusting from instructors who have actually been on rooftops.

Per Florida regulatory compliance, the Certified Adjuster Designation covers the following topics of instruction:

  • Insurance Terms and Concepts
  • Personal Lines Coverages (Homeowner's Policies Form A, B, C)
  • Liability Coverage
  • Commercial Lines
  • Automobile Coverages
  • Inland Marine
  • Ocean Marine
  • Marketing Practices
  • Standard Fire Policy
  • Adjuster Bonds
  • Additional Coverages, Exclusions, and Extensions
  • Adjuster Practices
  • Adjuster Licensing Requirements
  • Worker's Compensation

Note: Topics are presented within the context of real-life claim situations.

Licensing Course Exam:

Replacing one comprehensive final exam, we evaluate our students through a series of quizzes administered twice daily. These quizzes test retention of material just covered and enable students to focus on a very manageable portion of knowledge. The 99% first-time pass ratio speaks to the efficacy and fairness of this method.

Training Locations

Florida: West Palm Beach & Orlando. View course location details.

How do I get a Florida insurance adjuster license?

A. AdjusterPro offers the Florida adjuster licensing course through All-Lines Training in a 4 day classroom setting. The Certified Adjuster Designation obtained through this course fulfills all obligations for obtaining your 6-20 Company/Independent Florida Adjuster License. Once the course is completed it simply becomes a matter of submitting your application to Florida's Department of Financial Services. Proper application procedure will be covered by your instructor in class.

Bottom line: Register above for your classroom licensing or call (214) 329-9030. Or for stay-at-home options, check out our 100% online Certified Adjuster program.

Why is this particular adjuster license important?

A. The Florida Insurance Adjuster License is critical for residents of Florida and extremely useful for non-residents. Florida is historically the most active state in terms of hurricane landfall and, on a very basic and practical level, an adjuster must be licensed to handle claims in Florida. For cat adjusters, this license is imperative. Additionally, the Florida license enjoys tremendous reciprocity across the nation and is identical with Texas in this regard with the sole exception of Rhode Island. And finally, within the adjusting industry, the Florida license is held in very high regard and can serve as an important credential on your claims resume.

Bottom line: Holding a license in the "hurricane" state is highly recommended for career-minded cat adjusters.

What is the license and what kind of claims will it allow me handle?

A. The Florida multi-line Insurance Adjuster License is a two-year, renewable insurance license issued to those people who have passed:

  • their Certified Adjuster Designation course or
  • their independent adjuster licensing exam.

With this license, adjusters are certified to work residential, commercial, automobile, farm and ranch, inland marine, ocean, liability, and worker's compensation claims. The Florida Department of Financial Services stipulates 24 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) for adjusters per 2 year period.

Bottom line: The Florida Insurance Adjuster License allows an adjuster to work any type of property and casualty claim.

Who needs the Florida Adjuster License?

A. If you are resident of Florida and you wish to become an insurance adjuster, this is the license for you. If you are a non-resident of Florida but live in a state that does not have an adjuster license requirement, this is the license for you. If you live in a state that does have a license requirement, this is still an excellent license to hold, but AdjusterPro recommends you obtain your home state's license first.

Bottom line: The Florida Adjuster Insurance License is a must for residents of Florida and highly benefical to non-residents.


or call to register: (214) 329-9030

GI Bill benefits available


" I took the Florida Total Adjuster Program through AdjusterPro & All-Lines Training in December of 2009. I was very impressed with the quality of training and the care that the instructor took to help each student pass the quizzes. The Certified Adjuster Designation made it easy for me to get my license. The certificate I received from the courses and the help I received through AdjusterPro's resume writing services helped me get a job with a major adjusting firm only three weeks later."

- Peter L., Colorado